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Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC

"Powerful content organized in a musical way illustrates
how Rogers communicated important psychological concepts
through playful, heart-centered songs. "

Louise Montello, Ph.D., LP, MT-BC, international authority on Music Wellness

This documentary highlights the psychological and educational lessons that Fred Rogers taught through music, puppetry and metaphor – in a powerful way that was both authentic and direct. A trained composer and minister, as well as a sophisticated student of child development and psychology, Rogers consulted with senior mental health professionals about every element of the program, all of which he created himself. The structure and tone of the show provided a friendly “neighborhood” – a virtual “holding environment” – within which even disturbing themes (like the fears stimulated by divorce or the imagined danger of angry impulses) could be safely explored. This film is about Rogers' contribution to the well-being of our national psyche, helping us to manage both daily challenges and life's difficult passages. Although children were his primary audience, the truth is that Mister Rogers' lessons have always been relevant for people of all ages. 

Total Running Time: 52 minutes 49 seconds
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