Art Therapy with Blind Children

Introduction (5 min, 25 sec)
Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC

We’ll Show You What We’re Gonna Do (27 min, 22 sec)
Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC

“A timeless work that remains a classic Art Therapy film” — Frances Anderson, Ed.D., ATR-BC
Author, Art for All the Children: Approaches to Art Therapy for Children With Disabilities

This film tells the story of an exploratory art program in a school for blind children with multiple disabilities. Exceeding all expectations regarding their abilities, they express powerful feelings in and through their art. We learn how adults can help children grow in independence, mastery of materials, and the articulation of their own ideas through art therapy. Although these youngsters have many disabilities, the principles and approaches demonstrated are applicable to work with all children.

Creating, For Me (18 min, 33 sec)
Susan Aach, M.Ed., ATR
A registered art therapist at a school for the blind demonstrates ways of working with high functioning visually impaired youngsters in both small and large groups. Many different ways of promoting expression and reflection are illustrated.

Total Running Time: 51 minutes, 22 seconds

Copyright 2008


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