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  • Videotaped sessions from two families show similarities and differences in art and drama family sessions, but interactional patterns and conflicts are illustrated in both, including issues of dominance/submission; victim/aggressor; problem-maker/problem-solver.

    Art & Drama Sessions with Two Young Families

  • “Being a real family art therapist is different than just using art with the family” states Maxine Junge, Ph.D, ATR-BC, HLM who hosts this historic look at the work of three premier family art therapists. Learn from these pioneers’ actual art therapy sessions with families in need.

    Clinical Art Therapy with Families

  • This film features Dr. Mala Betensky, one of the pioneers in art therapy, doing art therapy with a middle-aged couple struggling with relationship and communication difficulties.

    Couples Art Therapy

  • Two art therapists, Carole Kunkle-Miller and Harriet Wadeson, model art therapy assessments done with couples.

    Couples: Two Art Evaluations

  • Dr. Judy Rubin, art therapist, facilitates two different family art therapy assessments sessions with parents and school-aged children.

    Family Art Evaluations

  • This film documents two family art evaluation sessions and a follow-up session conducted by Irene Jakab, MD, PhD and Judy Rubin, PhD, ATR-BC, HLM.

    Family Video Art Therapy

  • Three art therapists demonstrate how to involve the family in child art therapy by bringing in the parent for part of the session.

    Individual & Joint Art Therapy with Mother & Child

  • This film is comprised of clips from three joint sessions with teenaged siblings, Ben and Anna. All of the sessions are categorized as expressive therapy; two are drama therapy and the remaining one is an art therapy session.

    Teenage Siblings: Three Joint Sessions in Drama & Art