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  • Filmed over two years, A Brush with Life is the compelling portrait of Diane, a gifted artist struggling to free herself from mental illness through an innovative art therapy program at the Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital, Montréal’s largest psychiatric hospital.

    A Brush with Life

  • In group sessions with latency age children, an empathic art therapist gently encourages discussions about the death of a parent or sibling, and, through art experiences, encourages deeper exploration of feelings about their tragedies.

    A Child’s Grief

  • This collection of three films regales the viewer with a visual feast of three beautifully filmed videos. Each illustrates another facet of art uniquely helping individuals to navigate their cancer experience.

    Art as Therapy for Cancer

  • This is a collection of short films about Art as Therapy for Older Adults. All of them share certain convictions about the value of art in the lives of elder, such as: the intense involvement while creating, the pleasure of manipulating the media, making decisions, playfulness, social interaction and pride.

    Art as Therapy for Older Adults

  • This is a grouping of films with the common thread of how art has been used throughout history as therapy for the trauma of war.

    Art as Therapy for the Trauma of War

  • This video examines four different studio programs for artists with disabilities including Creative Growth in Oakland, California, The Art Therapy Studio Cleveland, Ohio, The Yamagata Fellows International Training Center in New York, and The Artists Workshop in Turin Italy.

    Art Programs for Individuals with Disabilities

  • This film showcases the implementation of art therapy interventions for students with behavioral and/or academic challenges in several different school settings.

    Art Therapy for Youngsters in Schools & in the Community

  • This film demonstrates the vital importance of creativity and artistic expression for military members and their families.

    Art Therapy in a Military Hospital: Power & Integrity in the Workplace

  • Janet Bush introduces the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Clinical Art Therapy Program which began in 1977 and currently continues for at risk students in grades Kindergarten through twelve.

    Art Therapy in the Public Schools

  • The aim of this film was to complement early UK publications on Art Therapy in the 1980s, and to respond to the many questions from interested members of the public, potential students and employers as to what actually happens in art therapy sessions.

    Art Therapy: A Classic Film by UK Pioneers

  • Art Therapy: The Movie is an overview of the field of art therapy through definitions and examples of what art therapy means to different practitioners and patients in a wide variety of settings. The film explores diverse ways of thinking about and doing art therapy.

    Art Therapy: The Movie

  • Each of the three films in this collection documents an artist’s use of painting as they face their cancer diagnoses.

    Artists Facing Cancer by Making Art