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  • This session demonstrates the core of ITR for treating trauma. Linda helps Diane to create a “Graphic Narrative” – a trauma story done in a series of drawings on separate pieces of paper, based on the Instinctual Trauma Response – ITR.

    An Archived ITR Graphic Narrative® Session

  • This intriguing film shows a clinical interview with an artistic individual and a long-term cancer survivor who is discussing art produced in individual therapy sessions.

    An Art Therapy Review Session

  • These two films document several noted child psychiatrists’ use of art in their work with children. The films demonstrate work with a number of children, illustrating the nature of their interaction, how they develop a relationship, and their use of interpretation.

    Art Interviews by Child Psychiatrists

  • Patients with AIDS and cancer discuss work with art therapist Ellen Urbani Hildebrand, including gratitude for the psychological safety of art therapy, followed by a discussion of the purpose of art therapy.

    Art Therapy for Individuals Living with AIDS & Cancer

  • In this film, Mickie McGraw, a pioneer in the field of art therapy with physically disabled adults, provides an art therapy session for Marc, a young adult, severely injured in an auto accident as a child. A similar therapeutic alliance is seen in the second film which features Ashok Shah, an art therapist working in India, in a session with Puja, who has a neurological disease impacting on her speech and ability to control her movement.

    Art Therapy for Two Individuals with Physical Disabilities

  • Two art therapists demonstrate three different approaches to working with young women.

    Arts Interviews with Four Young Women

  • This film offers the opportunity to view Sondra Geller, MA, ATR-BC, LPC, LCPAT as she meets for multiple art therapy sessions with a graduating undergraduate senior.

    Brief Art Therapy with a College Senior

  • The daughter of a Holocaust survivor struggles with the question: How can you dance when the ground is covered with blood? In her work with art therapy pioneer, Arthur Robbins, art therapy principles are brought to life.

    Dancing on Blood

  • In this video recording, Dr. Laury Rappaport meets with a volunteer client to demonstrate the application of Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts.

    Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT®) Client Demo I

  • Violet Oaklander sensitively guides two children in the exploration of their conflicts while engaging them in the therapeutic use of clay and sand.

    Gestalt Child Therapy: Three Individual Sessions

  • In this film, Judith A. Rubin implements art-based questions to gain insight related to the human growth & development of adolescents.

    Individual Art Interviews with Adolescents

  • This is a 3-part live-session demonstration film, featuring art therapist Elizabeth Stone and a 55 year-old female cancer patient, Lucette.

    Individual Art Therapy in Cancer Care