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  • This film features three art therapists working individually with neuro-diverse boys between 11 and 18 years old. In its three different experiential vignettes many instructional points are conveyed in vivo.

    Individual Art Therapy with Neurologically Impaired Youngsters

  • This is a two-part film that demonstrates two approaches to working with women who struggle with depression and interpersonal relationships.

    Individual Art Therapy with Two Women

  • This video shows 3 therapists interviewing “volunteer patients” for the first time, conducting arts assessments with a small assortment of materials.

    Individual Child Therapy: Art and Sandtray

  • This in-depth dance/movement therapy session provides a window into the brilliant work of Dr. Penny Lewis. She illustrates her ability to adeptly integrate sophisticated theory, using the Kestenberg Movement Profile and psychodynamic theory into her clinical practice.


    Individual Dance/Movement Therapy with Penny Lewis

  • This film shows four different children in therapy using puppets. The children range in age from approximately  6 years old to about 13 years of age.

    Individual Puppet Therapy with Four Children

  • Two noted pioneers in art therapy, Dr. Judith Rubin and Edith Kramer, provide an art therapy session for the same child, a 10-year-old girl in the outpatient clinic of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    Same Child Seen by Two Art Therapists: Kramer & Rubin

  • Introduction, method, process and explanation of the “Make a Scribble Technique” presented by Mala Betensky.

    The Making of a Scribble

  • This film follows the course of 26 years of intermittent treatment with a client who first entered therapy at age 4 due to abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Dr. Gussie Klorer, PhD, ATR-BC, HLM, is the therapist and narrates the film.

    Trauma & Attachment Issues

  • Dr. Gladys Agell Ph.D., ATR-BC, HLM, administers the UPAP to a patient at Walter Reed. Dr. Agell discusses Trey and his responses to the UPAP with observers.

    Ulman Personality Assessment Procedure

  • This rare footage shows Elinor Ulman and Bernard Levy at Walter Reed Army Medical Center presenting the Ulman Personality Assessment Procedure (UPAP) at the hospitals psychiatric grand rounds.

    Ulman Personality Assessment Procedure (UPAP)