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  • The aim of this film was to complement early UK publications on Art Therapy in the 1980s, and to respond to the many questions from interested members of the public, potential students and employers as to what actually happens in art therapy sessions.

    Art Therapy: A Classic Film by UK Pioneers

  • Comprised of interviews, photos, news broadcasts, and archival footage selected from 200 hours contributed by over 100 professional colleagues, it demonstrates  the power of art as a universal language for healing in all cultures.

    Art Therapy: A Universal Language for Healing

  • This film is a profound example of how to explain and open art therapy. Made in 1988, it remains a vital overview of the field of art therapy. The film is followed by a Tribute to Bob created for an AATA Memorial Service and a statement by his student, Randy Vick.

    Art Therapy: The Healing Vision

  • Art Therapy: The Movie is an overview of the field of art therapy through definitions and examples of what art therapy means to different practitioners and patients in a wide variety of settings. The film explores diverse ways of thinking about and doing art therapy.

    Art Therapy: The Movie

  • Each of the three films in this collection documents an artist’s use of painting as they face their cancer diagnoses.

    Artists Facing Cancer by Making Art

  • In 1992 and ’93, Norma developed a creative dance workshop in Kansas for teachers, artists and therapists which took place in a wilderness environment and focused on our place in and connection to the natural world.

    Arts in the Environment: Going to the Source

  • Two art therapists demonstrate three different approaches to working with young women.

    Arts Interviews with Four Young Women

  • A collection of three films on the use of drama and art therapy in crisis intervention.

    Arts Therapies as Crisis Intervention

  • This film examines three of the expressive arts: Dance, Music and Art Therapy and how they may be used with special needs children.

    Arts Therapies for Children with Disabilities in School

  • What is the link between psychological states and the creative process? Is there a relationship between psychosis and the artistic impulse? What can art works produced by mental patients tell us about artistic genius? Can art therapy be helpful in the treatment of the mentally ill?

    Between Beauty and Insanity

  • This film, sponsored by the Lucy Daniels Foundation, captures the intimate experience of eight artists who have had psychoanalytic treatment.


  • This film offers the opportunity to view Sondra Geller, MA, ATR-BC, LPC, LCPAT as she meets for multiple art therapy sessions with a graduating undergraduate senior.

    Brief Art Therapy with a College Senior