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  • “Being a real family art therapist is different than just using art with the family” states Maxine Junge, Ph.D, ATR-BC, HLM who hosts this historic look at the work of three premier family art therapists. Learn from these pioneers’ actual art therapy sessions with families in need.

    Clinical Art Therapy with Families

  • This film features Dr. Mala Betensky, one of the pioneers in art therapy, doing art therapy with a middle-aged couple struggling with relationship and communication difficulties.

    Couples Art Therapy

  • Led by Board Certified Art Therapist and licensed marriage/family therapist, Diane Safran, this is a film of an art therapy group for couples where one partner was diagnosed with ADHD.

    Couples Art Therapy Group: One Member has ADHD

  • Two art therapists, Carole Kunkle-Miller and Harriet Wadeson, model art therapy assessments done with couples.

    Couples: Two Art Evaluations

  • This film notes some of the reasons why art and drama are helpful in assessment and treatment, as well as essential conditions for enhancing comfort and creativity in clinical work.

    Creative Healing in Mental Health

  • This workshop includes presentations by Dr. Judy Rubin, Michael A. Franklin, PhD, ATR-BC, Laura Greenstone, MS, ATR-BC, LPC, and Harriet Wadeson, PhD, LCSW, ATR-BC, HLM that explore how art, meditation, and journaling can assist as a coping mechanism for living with an illness.

    Creativity & Coping: When the Therapist is Ill

  • The Savera Seminar in Chennai, India represents a seminal event in the development of the art therapy profession in India.

    Crossing Cultures: Introducing Child Art Therapy to India

  • This film contains two of Janet Adler’s dance/movement therapy films, “Looking for Me” and “Still Looking.”

    Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement

  • The daughter of a Holocaust survivor struggles with the question: How can you dance when the ground is covered with blood? In her work with art therapy pioneer, Arthur Robbins, art therapy principles are brought to life.

    Dancing on Blood

  • Narrated by Walter Cronkite, this award-winning film illustrates the benefits of incorporating creativity and expressive arts into the lives and treatment of elders.

    Do Not Go Gently: The Power of Imagination in Aging

  • Four films delve into the life and contributions of Don Jones. Interviews include his initial interest in art and his spontaneous development into the world known today as Art Therapy.

    Don Jones: Passionate Preacher of the Power of Art

  • This video is a compilation of five short films about Don Seiden, an art therapy pioneer who lived and worked in Chicago.

    Don Seiden: Chicago Art Therapy Pioneer