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  • This video contains two films: Playing & Pretending and The Pleasure of Play.

    Drama Therapy with Children

  • Two films and one interview with Edith Kramer (1994, 1999, 2005) document her life and work as a pioneer in the field of art therapy.

    Edith Kramer: Art Therapy’s Muse Part I

  • Two films are included, Art Tells the Truth and Eulogy for Edith.

    Edith Kramer: Art Therapy’s Muse Part II

  • This film offers an overview of Kramer’s pioneering clinical work in art therapy with children.

    Edith Kramer: Art Therapy’s Muse Part III

  • Dr. Alice Flaherty is a neurologist and professor at Harvard Medical School, who treats patients with movement, mood and psychogenic disorders. In this lecture she speaks about the neurological function of both creativity and empathy as they pertain to mental illness and health.

    Empathy, Neurology & The Creative Brain

  • This film tells the story of an adolescent psychotherapy group that met at an outpatient clinic for two hours a week over a period of two years. Additional excerpts from three other films about expressive arts therapy groups.

    Expressive Arts Therapy Groups

  • Dr. Judy Rubin, art therapist, facilitates two different family art therapy assessments sessions with parents and school-aged children.

    Family Art Evaluations

  • This film documents two family art evaluation sessions and a follow-up session conducted by Irene Jakab, MD, PhD and Judy Rubin, PhD, ATR-BC, HLM.

    Family Video Art Therapy

  • Inspiring excerpts from 1992 film about Alchemy, Inc., an award-winning after school youth program fusing drumming and mythology, grounds this film.

    Finding the Gold Inside: Alchemy for Urban Youth

  • In this workshop presented at the 2nd World Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy Conference, Dr. Laury Rappaport presents an overview of Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT®).

    Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT®)

  • In this video recording, Dr. Laury Rappaport meets with a volunteer client to demonstrate the application of Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts.

    Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT®) Client Demo I

  • Produced in cooperation with the AATA, the first film is about the first four pioneers designated by AATA as Honorary Life Members and the second film explores the current status of art therapy and reviews the history and its professional association.

    Founders and Foundations