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  • This series of short films documents various approaches to animation created by persons with chronic mental illness to illustrate their personal narratives.

    Simple Animation for People with Chronic Mental Illness

  • This collection of three short films explores the overlapping concepts of Self-Taught, Visionary, and Outsider Art. Prominent and lesser-known artists in these categories are profiled along with commentary by experts in the field.

    Some Self-Taught Outsider Artists

  • This informative film shows two videotaped sessions from an open-ended art therapy group, which occurred one hour twice a week. The clients shown were from the transition ward (day treatment) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    Studio Art Therapy Group in a Military Hospital

  • Suzanne Palmer Lovell, Ph.D., ATR-BC, traces her healing journey from the time when she was confronted with the diagnosis of uterine cancer through her subsequent surgery and recovery.

    Symbolic Healing: A Story of Art & Cancer

  • This film is comprised of clips from three joint sessions with teenaged siblings, Ben and Anna. All of the sessions are categorized as expressive therapy; two are drama therapy and the remaining one is an art therapy session.

    Teenage Siblings: Three Joint Sessions in Drama & Art

  • The Acoustic Memory Project is a concert/performance by art therapist, Dr. Bruce L. Moon. It is a collection of original music and spoken-word, recounting the early days of art therapy in the U.S. and the formation of the American Art Therapy Association.

    The Acoustic Memory Project

  • This film documents a range of arts interventions for healthcare settings including music, dance, art therapy, child life, play, humor, drama and multimodal approaches.

    The Arts as Therapy in Medicine

  • This film shows activities in multiple arts modalities—music, dance, art, and drama—in a creative arts program for young children at risk for the development of emotional problems.

    The Arts as Therapy with Children

  • This grouping of two films about a pioneering Arts in Medicine program is presented along with interviews of two creative arts therapists who work in that program.

    The Arts in Health Care: A Continuum of Creative Healing

  • A 45-minute interview with the creator of the DDS regarding its creation and use is followed by a 25-minute introductory lecture about this three picture art interview for adolescents and adults. The film concludes with a 20-minute administration of a DDS by Cohen, including a concurrent commentary by him explaining the process.

    The Diagnostic Drawing Series

  • Eleanor Irwin developed The Family Puppet Interview in collaboration with her colleague, Elaine Portner. Elaine created this teaching tape with the help of a volunteer (non-patient) family to illustrate the elements of the session and related data analysis procedure.

    The Family Puppet Interview

  • This film weaves together music, art, poetry and the history of children imprisoned in the Ghetto Terezin from 1941 to 1945, where they created the art, performed operas and concerts.

    The Journey of Butterfly