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  • This unique, inspiring film provides viewers the opportunity to discover the life and work of Norma Canner, a dance teacher, therapist and pioneer in the field of dance movement therapy, and former instructor at Lesley Expressive Therapy Graduate Schools in Cambridge, MA, and Israel.

    A Time to Dance: The Life & Work of Norma Canner

  • These films chronicle the contributions of Dr. Shaun McNiff in expressive arts therapies.  Shaun McNiff is the University Professor at Lesley in Cambridge, where, in 1974, he founded the first training program in the Expressive Therapies, initiating the development of a multimodal approach to the use of the creative arts in therapy.

    Art as Transformation: The Life and Work of Shaun McNiff

  • This film is a profound example of how to explain and open art therapy. Made in 1988, it remains a vital overview of the field of art therapy. The film is followed by a Tribute to Bob created for an AATA Memorial Service and a statement by his student, Randy Vick.

    Art Therapy: The Healing Vision

  • This film contains two of Janet Adler’s dance/movement therapy films, “Looking for Me” and “Still Looking.”

    Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement

  • The daughter of a Holocaust survivor struggles with the question: How can you dance when the ground is covered with blood? In her work with art therapy pioneer, Arthur Robbins, art therapy principles are brought to life.

    Dancing on Blood

  • Four films delve into the life and contributions of Don Jones. Interviews include his initial interest in art and his spontaneous development into the world known today as Art Therapy.

    Don Jones: Passionate Preacher of the Power of Art

  • This video is a compilation of five short films about Don Seiden, an art therapy pioneer who lived and worked in Chicago.

    Don Seiden: Chicago Art Therapy Pioneer

  • Two films and one interview with Edith Kramer (1994, 1999, 2005) document her life and work as a pioneer in the field of art therapy.

    Edith Kramer: Art Therapy’s Muse Part I

  • Two films are included, Art Tells the Truth and Eulogy for Edith.

    Edith Kramer: Art Therapy’s Muse Part II

  • This film offers an overview of Kramer’s pioneering clinical work in art therapy with children.

    Edith Kramer: Art Therapy’s Muse Part III

  • Produced in cooperation with the AATA, the first film is about the first four pioneers designated by AATA as Honorary Life Members and the second film explores the current status of art therapy and reviews the history and its professional association.

    Founders and Foundations

  • These films about Harriet Wadeson provide the viewer with a thorough understanding of her contributions to the field of art therapy from the 1960s until her death in 2016.

    Harriet Wadeson: A Prolific Pioneer