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  • This video shows excerpts from a workshop conducted by Judy Rubin, an art therapist, and Ellie Irwin, a drama therapist, with 9 Child Life Therapists and a Music Therapist at a Children’s Hospital.

    Art & Drama Therapy: Child Life Inservice Workshop

  • In 1992 and ’93, Norma developed a creative dance workshop in Kansas for teachers, artists and therapists which took place in a wilderness environment and focused on our place in and connection to the natural world.

    Arts in the Environment: Going to the Source

  • This film, divided into Part I and Part II, presents the history, psychology, and practice of creating and interpreting mandalas.

    Meaning of Mandalas

  • With Anne Brownell’s articulate narration, the viewer is given an intimate look at the work of two pioneers in expressive arts therapy – Norma Canner and Penny Lewis.

    Two Dance Therapy Workshops