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  • In group sessions with latency age children, an empathic art therapist gently encourages discussions about the death of a parent or sibling, and, through art experiences, encourages deeper exploration of feelings about their tragedies.

    A Child’s Grief

  • This unique, inspiring film provides viewers the opportunity to discover the life and work of Norma Canner, a dance teacher, therapist and pioneer in the field of dance movement therapy, and former instructor at Lesley Expressive Therapy Graduate Schools in Cambridge, MA, and Israel.

    A Time to Dance: The Life & Work of Norma Canner

  • This film showcases the implementation of art therapy interventions for students with behavioral and/or academic challenges in several different school settings.

    Art Therapy for Youngsters in Schools & in the Community

  • Janet Bush introduces the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Clinical Art Therapy Program which began in 1977 and currently continues for at risk students in grades Kindergarten through twelve.

    Art Therapy in the Public Schools

  • The Savera Seminar in Chennai, India represents a seminal event in the development of the art therapy profession in India.

    Crossing Cultures: Introducing Child Art Therapy to India

  • This film demonstrates how to conduct a session with parent-child dyad groups. Author of a book on the same subject, art therapist Lucille Proulx explains how to facilitate and enhance two-way communication between parent and child.

    Parent-Child Dyad Art Therapy Group

  • This film shows activities in multiple arts modalities—music, dance, art, and drama—in a creative arts program for young children at risk for the development of emotional problems.

    The Arts as Therapy with Children