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  • This intriguing film shows a clinical interview with an artistic individual and a long-term cancer survivor who is discussing art produced in individual therapy sessions.

    An Art Therapy Review Session

  • This video shows excerpts from a workshop conducted by Judy Rubin, an art therapist, and Ellie Irwin, a drama therapist, with 9 Child Life Therapists and a Music Therapist at a Children’s Hospital.

    Art & Drama Therapy: Child Life Inservice Workshop

  • This film demonstrates the vital importance of creativity and artistic expression for military members and their families.

    Art Therapy in a Military Hospital: Power & Integrity in the Workplace

  • This film is a profound example of how to explain and open art therapy. Made in 1988, it remains a vital overview of the field of art therapy. The film is followed by a Tribute to Bob created for an AATA Memorial Service and a statement by his student, Randy Vick.

    Art Therapy: The Healing Vision

  • Dr. Alice Flaherty is a neurologist and professor at Harvard Medical School, who treats patients with movement, mood and psychogenic disorders. In this lecture she speaks about the neurological function of both creativity and empathy as they pertain to mental illness and health.

    Empathy, Neurology & The Creative Brain

  • This informative film shows two videotaped sessions from an open-ended art therapy group, which occurred one hour twice a week. The clients shown were from the transition ward (day treatment) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    Studio Art Therapy Group in a Military Hospital

  • This film shows activities in multiple arts modalities—music, dance, art, and drama—in a creative arts program for young children at risk for the development of emotional problems.

    The Arts as Therapy with Children