Family Therapy

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  • Videotaped sessions from two families show similarities and differences in art and drama family sessions, but interactional patterns and conflicts are illustrated in both, including issues of dominance/submission; victim/aggressor; problem-maker/problem-solver.

    Art & Drama Sessions with Two Young Families

  • Dr. Judy Rubin, art therapist, facilitates two different family art therapy assessments sessions with parents and school-aged children.

    Family Art Evaluations

  • Three art therapists demonstrate how to involve the family in child art therapy by bringing in the parent for part of the session.

    Individual & Joint Art Therapy with Mother & Child

  • Eleanor Irwin developed The Family Puppet Interview in collaboration with her colleague, Elaine Portner. Elaine created this teaching tape with the help of a volunteer (non-patient) family to illustrate the elements of the session and related data analysis procedure.

    The Family Puppet Interview