Art Therapy for Two Individuals with Physical Disabilities

In this film, Mickie McGraw, a pioneer in the field of art therapy with physically disabled adults, provides an art therapy session for Marc, a young adult, severely injured in an auto accident as a child. Marc participates in the Art Therapy Studio’s “Discover the Artist Within You” program, which utilizes an art centered, open studio approach to art therapy. Mickie is seen working with Marc and commenting on the foundational aspects of art centered therapy, including its art educative, media exploration focus. Marc describes the impact of art on his recovery and how it has changed his life.

A similar therapeutic alliance is seen in the second film which features Ashok Shah, an art therapist working in India, in a session with Puja, who has a neurological disease affecting her speech and ability to control her movement. While there is minimal dialogue and no patient history included, the therapeutic value of an art centered approach for individuals with communication problems is evident. Each of these sessions demonstrates how the guided art making process and the resulting imagery can contribute to the development of a therapeutic bond with the therapist, as well as increased art and life skills for individuals with communication and physical deficits.

Commentary by Mickie McGraw, MA

Total Running Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes, 58 seconds



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