Don Jones: Passionate Preacher of the Power of Art

This videotape is a compilation of four films and two interviews that delve into the life and work of Don Jones.  Interviews include his initial interest in art and his discovery while working in a mental hospital of the spontaneous art of the patients, his portraits of them, and his eventual invitation to come to the Menninger Foundation where he was trained by Dr. Karl Menninger as a therapist. He became the director of all therapeutic activities there, developing the art therapy program where he trained Robert Ault. He then moved to Harding Hospital where he developed an art therapy program that included a clinical Internship, one of whose students was Bruce Moon. As one of the founders of the American Art Therapy Association he was also its 4th President and a pioneer in the field. Films include: 1. Art is Life is Art: the Life & Work of Don Jones by Bruce Moon (2010), 2. Draw from Within: An Introduction to Art Therapy including two case studies by Don Jones (1978) 3. A Television Interview 4. AATA Interview by Jim Consoli (1994), and 5. A Conversation with Don Jones: Artist. Therapist. Teacher by Bruce Moon (2010). The films examine his professional work, processes with clients, and his collaboration with other early art therapy professionals in founding and nurturing the American Art Therapy Association.

Total Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes, 29 seconds



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