Don Seiden: Chicago Art Therapy Pioneer

 “Holding Water”  An interview with Don Seiden by Mary Andrus 2019
“Don Seiden’s Secret for Slowing Down Time”  A video portrait by Nancy Bechtol 2012
“Don Seiden and His Birds”  A short film by Mary Andrus 2013
“Going the Distance: Don Seiden, Artist, Teacher, Therapist”  by Bruce Moon 2012
“Don Seiden: Art Therapist”  by Brendan Leahy 2009

This video is a compilation of five short films about Don Seiden, an art therapy pioneer who lived and worked in Chicago. Don’s art, life and contributions to the field of Art Therapy are portrayed from a variety of perspectives, all illuminating how his personal creative process is central to his approach to art therapy, art making and teaching. Through a lifelong commitment to reflexively processing his life history and experience though art making, Don invites the viewer to consider how art as therapy can be a central practice of a life well lived. Those not familiar with this thoughtful founder of the art therapy department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago may also want to read one of the books he wrote, two with co-authors, reflecting his uniquely creative ideas about art and life.

Total Running Time: 58 minutes, 10 seconds



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