Drama Therapy with Children

Playing & Pretending
Eleanor C. Irwin, Ph.D., RDT, TEP

Speech & Communication Association Award

The Pleasure of Play
Eleanor C. Irwin, Ph.D., RDT, TEP

“As relevant as when it was first produced. Bravo!”
Lois Carey, MSW, Expressive Arts Methods for Trauma Survivors

These two classic films by a drama therapy pioneer have stood the test of time. Playing & Pretending is about spontaneous dramatic play, puppetry, movement, storytelling, and dreams by normal children of all ages in school and community settings. The Pleasure of Play shows work by different drama therapists in residential schools, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient clinics with children who have neurological, cognitive, sensory, and emotional disabilities. Both stress the leader’s role in facilitating therapeutic growth and change. Each can be viewed either in its entirety or as chapters on different topics.

Total Running Time: 52 minutes, 31 seconds

Copyright 2008 / 2010


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