The Family Puppet Interview

You Can Learn a Lot from a Lobster
Elaine S. Portner, Ph.D., RDT

Family Life Videotape Award – National Council on Family Relations

“A delightful demonstration of the Family Puppet Interview by one of its creators.” — Carol M. Anderson, Ph.D., Former President, American Family Therapy Academy

In the mid-1970s, pioneer drama therapist, Eleanor Irwin developed and later published The Family Puppet Interview in collaboration with her colleague, Elaine Portner. At that time, Portner created this teaching tape with the help of a volunteer (non-patient) family to illustrate the elements of the session and related data analysis procedure. The family’s spontaneous communication and interaction reveal their family dynamics as well as each individual’s areas of concern. The therapist can observe the decision making process within a family, the roles and patterns of behavior among family members, and the symbolic communication in their play.

Expert Commentary by Family Therapists
Carol M. Anderson, Ph.D.; Nancy K. Grote, Ph.D.; Paulina G. McCullough, ACSW; Susan Stewart, Ph.D., MSW

Total Running Time: 32 minutes

Copyright 2008


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