Family Video Art Therapy

Two Art Evaluations with a Family Followed by a Video Feedback Session
Irene Jakab, M.D., Ph.D.; Judith Rubin, Ph.D.,

This film documents two family art evaluation sessions and a follow-up video feedback session conducted by Irene Jakab, MD, PhD and Judith Rubin, PhD,ATR. The first session opens with a family of four, (mother, father, female and male adolescents) sitting at one table while they use oil pastels on white paper. The first drawing is a free choice, the second drawing requested is of a person.  During the working time, the dynamics in the family become more evident.

The film continues with the family discussing their artwork.  Both the psychiatrist and art therapist facilitate the discussion, while encouraging the family members to reflect and express possibilities of what may be happening in their drawings.

Session II begins with four quick drawings and a self-portrait.  The family is then instructed to make a mural together. Family member interactions are more clearly revealed in this activity, especially how the family works together or independently towards a common goal.

The third section is video feedback session with 3 of the family members as they look at an edited tape of excerpts from the two art sessions as well as their drawings.  Self and other reflections are discussed and considered.

Total Running Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes, 23 seconds



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