Founders and Foundations

Art Therapy in America

Produced in cooperation with the American Art Therapy Association (AATA)

 Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC

Art Therapy Beginnings – Assessing Clients for Treatment 
This film introduces the first four pioneers to be designated by AATA as Honorary Life Members. Following an interview with Margaret Naumburg, three art assessments are demonstrated by: Elinor Ulman with two adolescents; Hanna Kwiatkowska doing a Family Art Evaluation; and Edith Kramer evaluating a child through drawing, modeling and painting.

Total Running Time: 46 minutes

Visionaries, Pioneers, and Early Settlers – The Story of the American Art Therapy Association
Created for AATA’s 40th Anniversary, this film explores the current status of art therapy, then reviews the history of the field and its professional association. First we meet the Visionaries who imagined the discipline (40s), then the Pioneers who mapped the territory (50s & 60s), the founding of AATA (1969), and the Early Settlers (1970s). Issues explored include: art therapy education, the meaning of the association, the importance of being an artist, the identity of the art therapist, and the future of art therapy.

Total Running Time: 49 minutes

Copyright 2015


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