Natalie Rogers: Expressive Arts Therapy

A Demonstration Art Therapy Session & Film

This film provides the viewer with an observation of a clinical session between Natalie Rogers and a cis-gender, female emerging adult. Rogers supports the client in exploring questions about her identity development through art making. Rogers models Person-Centered Theory through her interactions with the client to facilitate increased insight building around current experiences and desires for further development. This vignette is excerpted from a longer film in the “Psychotherapy with the Experts” series, available from

This example of Rogers’ clinical work with a volunteer patient is followed by a film she made earlier in her career, based on her book of the same title “The Creative Connection.”  This film shows the roots of her development of Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy, based on her father’s (Carl Rogers) creation of person-centered therapy, integrated by Natalie with her own training as an artist and dancer. This film provides observations of Rogers’ work at the Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute. She is shown leading a group through an expressive therapy workshop involving all creative arts modalities. Rogers is interviewed about her guiding philosophy, the relevance of personal, inner work to the process, and how expressive arts therapy benefits diverse populations.

Total Running Time: 58 minutes, 27 seconds



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