The Arts as Therapy with Children

Children & The Arts
Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC

“A lively celebration of the values of the arts for all children” — Margaret McFarland, Ph.D., Consultant, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”

This film shows activities in multiple arts modalities—music, dance, art, and drama—in a creative arts program for young children at risk for the development of emotional problems. There is an emphasis on the mental health values common to all of the art forms in therapy. Examples are depicted in each of the arts of the naturalness of engaging in creative activities for all children, the need for practice and control in order to achieve control, and the feeling of well-being that accompanies the sense of mastery. The film illustrates how the arts help children channel aggression, as well as the multicultural social benefits of group creative activities. Copyright 1973; Rev. 2008

Excerpts from

Glass Art as Therapy

James Minson, M.A., ATR
A program created by an art therapist and glass artist for Guatemalan orphans leads to increased self-esteem and a livelihood for the participants.

Multi-Arts Resource Guide
Maida Abrams, Ed.D., ATR, OTR
A guide for teachers showing activities in art, music, movement, and drama and ways of introducing them in the classroom, applicable to work with all children.

Total Running Time: 40 minutes

Copyright 2004 / 2008




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