Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy

In this lecture, Dr. Hadar Lubin, Ph.D., a psychiatrist from Israel, trained and practicing in the U.S., presents an in-depth foundational overview of the principles and techniques of Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy. Based on her extensive clinical experience with traumatized clients, Dr. Lubin provides clear, focused information on building skills in trauma-centered therapeutic treatment that are applicable to various models of psychotherapy practice. Dr. Lubin discusses specific tenets of trauma-centered practice, such as how to set up the proper “frame” for therapeutic work, and how and when to conduct a detailed trauma history.

The lecture also describes the important role of the creative therapies in trauma-centered treatment, since the clinic that Dr. Lubin co-directs is a collaboration with her husband, pioneer drama therapist David Read Johnson, PhD. The presentationn ends with an informative Question and Answer session with lecture attendees. Dr. Lubin provides both practical therapeutic techniques and deep insights into the impact of trauma on our lives, which are valuable to any clinician working with traumatized clients.

From Eleanor Irwin, Ph.D., RDT, TEP:
“Dr. Lubin, a psychiatrist and Director of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Center in New Haven, gave a highly informative talk on dealing with trauma and PTSD in psychotherapy which she illustrated with highly detailed slides. In general her talk addresses two broad topics – the effects of trauma on the patient, as well as how arts therapists can integrate their modalities in work with traumatized patients. She mentioned that, among many other factors, patients often engage in addictive behaviors as a way to self-medicate, and that trauma survivors often suffer exhaustion from what she called “existential fatigue.”  Her talk was both theoretical and practical, deeply informed by her rich and varied experiences in the field.”

Total Running Time: 1 hour, 49 minutes, 33 seconds



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