Voices From Inside

Karina Epperlein

Inside a federal women’s prison a German-born theater artist encourages a racially mixed circle of women to find their own voices through poetry and creative expression, and meets their children on the outside. The prisoners share their life stories and experiences of prison life. Voices from Inside shatters stereotypes about crime, criminals and race. An inspiring experiment in breaking the walls with love!

“I found it beautifully made and very moving. It is so important for us on the outside to realize what treasures are hidden away on the inside.” – Susan Sarandon

From Eleanor Irwin, PhD, RDT, TEP:
“This film, featuring a therapist working with women imprisoned in the early 1990’s, is a startling look at the lives of bright women committed for crimes, some with sentences of many years. We watch the women in movement, dance, improvisation, music, art, sculpture and performance experiences, as they share their personal stories of profound sadness and despair, loneliness and longing. Some of the women’s children become part of the film as well, sharing memories of life with, and without, mother.  The women’s poignant stories make clear the enormous cost in terms of personal and family suffering, as well as the injustice of the social system as they talk about a sense of being forgotten, the acute pain of separation and shame.  In such dire circumstances, the shared affection of the group is a soothing, saving grace.”

Total Running Time: 1 hour




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