Yes You Can!

Art-Centered Therapy for People with Disabilities
The Story of Mickie McGraw & the Art Therapy Studio

Judith A. Rubin, Ph.D., ATR-BC

“By creating art, a person symbolically re-creates him or herself and begins to put the pieces back together.”
— Mickie McGraw

This film is about courage, commitment, and creative coping. It tells the story of Mickie McGraw, who overcame polio at age 11 to become an art therapy pioneer. With Dr. George Streeter, a psychoanalyst who was also an artist, she co-founded and ran an Art Therapy Studio in a rehabilitation hospital. When she retired they renamed that part of the hospital the Mickie McGraw Activity Center, and in 2010 received the prestigious Cleveland Art Prize.

The film tells the story of both individuals and of the unique program they developed 45 years ago. Not only is it well integrated into the hospital, but it has also extended the benefits of art centered therapy throughout the community through studios and contracts with other organizations. This model can serve as a blueprint and an inspiration for many other hospital-based art therapy programs.

The film is followed by 2 Discussions of its contents by participants: Barbara Streeter and Cathy Bryan.

Total Running Time (including discussions): 1 hour, 2 minutes

Copyright 2012


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