Yael Fischer, B.Sc., M.Sc., MPS, is a graduate of Pratt Institute in NY, where she received a MPS in Arts Therapy and Creativity Development. Throughout her studies, she has completed her internships in art therapy at the GNETS program, serving children ages 6 – 21, and has co-facilitated art therapy workshops in the metro Atlanta area. Yael is Israeli and American. She worked for the Center for Children’s Health and Safety of Israel (Beterem), creating and delivering educational programs for injury prevention, focused on children ages 1-4. In the US since 2000, Yael has studied visual arts, psychology, and education at the Open University of Israel and at Georgia State University. Today, she is pursuing her dream to become an art therapist and combine her fascination with mind and behavior with an innate tendency to express herself through visual images. She is interested in the use of art and creativity to explore the conscious and unconscious mind, aiming towards integration of the self through unique visual expression. Yael is bicultural and fluent in four languages – English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.