• The arts are the language of the soul. In a world where many cry out in pain and fear, the arts are not a luxury, but rather a necessity.

  • Art is a universal language, allowing everyone to communicate, regardless of geographic distance, social inequities and cultural differences.

  • Participation in the arts enhances the quality of life, especially for those who are physically or emotionally challenged, and who are isolated.

  • The arts provide a natural high, a wholesome, healthy alternative for those who have found relief from pain only through drugs or alcohol.

  • Through the arts people can communicate ideas and feelings that may be hard or impossible to put into words, such as memories of abuse.

  • The arts facilitate the expression of otherwise frightening feelings in safe and contained ways.

  • The arts increase self-esteem through mastery of media and processes, and pride in creations.

  • There is no right or wrong in the arts, which make use of and express what is right with people, rather than what is wrong with them.


  • All of the creative arts involve energetic, nonverbal processes that cannot be fully conveyed in words.

  • We believe that film is the perfect way to convey the essence of therapeutic work using the arts.

  • As teachers and supervisors, we have found that videotapes of arts interviews help trainees to better understand and implement the techniques.

  • We are pleased that Expressive Media can begin to meet the need for instructional, informational, and inspirational materials about the arts as therapy.

  • In so doing, we hope to bring the healing power of creative activity to many people around the world.


  • Our world is at a crossroads, with fear and hatred threatening to destroy the hope essential for healthy living in people of all ages around the globe. Thus, the need to extend the healing power of the arts is now more urgent than ever.

  • Since the beginning of time, people have turned to the arts for solace. Many responded to the horror of 9/11 with spontaneous creative work. The arts are a natural therapy in times of crisis, providing healthy medicine for souls in pain.

  • The creative arts therapies have spread well beyond their origins in psychiatry, and are now found in cancer wards, prisons, schools, homeless shelters, arts centers, and beyond.

  • The rapid global expansion of expressive arts programs demonstrates that many now understand the value of providing a safe setting where creative potential can blossom and where problems can be addressed and resolved, using the healing power of all of the arts.