Help us fund the ongoing development of our unique film library, collected and created by pioneer art therapist, Judy Rubin. In making this extraordinary resource available, we will also be establishing an invaluable archive preserving the professional history of the field.

About the Project

Imagine access to hundreds of hours of films, clinical sessions, and conference presentations—many featuring the founders of the arts therapies working with clients—streaming on our website with a click of a button. Teaching guides and continuing education credits for a portion of these will be available as well. Most titles are impossible to acquire on DVD or view anywhere else online.

Why We Need Your Continued Support

Expressive Media’s Film Library promotes the benefits and practice of the arts in treatment worldwide through a visual medium that features learning through observation. More effective than the written word, seeing the work in context, performed by a skilled practitioner, can facilitate deeper understanding.

Managing, digitizing, and maintaining this extensive library of films and videos, developing CE materials, and operating this online resource costs thousands of dollars per year. We are looking forward to continuing its expansion by adding more titles throughout 2020, and in the years ahead.

Please Donate Today!

If you have a donation amount in mind that is not offered here, feel free to send it to us through by clicking on “Send” from the menu at the top of their website, and making a donation in the amount of your choice to If you prefer to donate by a check, payable to Expressive Media Inc., please contact for the address. We’ll be happy to supply you with a donation letter.

In Return for Your Support

Donations of $1 or more  

A heartfelt THANK YOU for helping us toward our goal. We are creating this resource for all of you who believe in our mission to promote the healing power of the arts worldwide.

Donations of $50 or more 

Stream one Expressive Media film for free. We’ll be in touch by email to get your selection and send a streaming credit code to you once your donation is received.

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Select any one of Expressive Media’s DVDs. We’ll be in touch by email to get your selection and mailing address once your donation is received.

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Send us a name, logo and/or a URL, and we’ll post/link it on our Supporters page.  Consider a donation with a name and/or photo in honor – or in memory – of a beloved friend, mentor, or colleague.

Donations of $500 or more 

Choose any or all of the previously listed items, or get an 8-pack of Expressive Media DVDs and a donor thank you note signed by our co-founder, art therapist and filmmaker Judy Rubin.

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Choose any or all of the previously listed items, or get a complimentary registration for one of our live training events.

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Our Donors

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to thank all of the people and organizations that donated to the Expressive Media Film Library. It is because of your support that we are able to provide our collection of films for streaming on a worldwide basis.  And soon, we will be adding even more films, training sessions, and conference presentations to our ever-expanding online streaming library.

Edith Eligator
The Fine Foundation
Ellie Irwin
Patricia Gussie Klorer
Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation
Prasad Family Foundation
Judy Rubin
Staunton Farm Foundation

$1,000 – $4,999
Janet Adler
Julia Byers
Joe & Marie Hinchliffe
Madeline J. Kalb
Edith Lecourt
Ilo Milton
Joanna Rubin
Barbara Streeter

$500 – $999
Patricia B. Allen
The Center for Psyche & the Arts, LLC
Dana Elmendorf
Linda Gantt
Landmarc Events, LLC
Mickie McGraw
Judith Thurber

$200 – $499
Christiane Baltes
Irene David
Eleanor Drew
Rick Krementz
Steven Mandel
Jane Millard
Deborah J. Slavitt
Stephanie Wise
Maureen & Dick Wright
Johnson & Johnson – on behalf of Dick Wright

Helene Awad
Lore Baer Azaria
Ernest Brandt
Josefina Cali
Abby Calisch
Elaine Camerota
Maria d’Elia
Audrey Di Maria
Kate Donohue
Gail Edwards
Sharon Fitzgerald
Laura Foster
Margaret Fox-Warren
Nicoletta Gillini
Carolyn Grandis
Laura Greenstone
Jill Hirsh
Cheryl Holub
Ethel P. Howie
Cynthia Innis
Rosalind Kindler
Michele Koger
Ichikawa Masami
Wendy Miller
Kathleen Pilch
Patricia Quinn
Donna Grant Reilly
Caren Sacks
Robin Shahverdian
Elizabeth Stone
Nora Swan-Foster
Eva Teirstein
Karen Vanderven
Gail Wetherell-Sack

Under $100
Fahad Alfahed
Mary Andrus
Daniel Aron
Michael Aron
Natalie Atkins
Kristina Baktis
Craig Balfany
Carol F. Berger
Ann Blake
Rhonda Bloom
Kacey Bongarzone
Charlotte Boston
Angela Cafarella
Center for Touch Drawing
Sharon Chaiklin
Karen Clark-Schock
Tracy Councill
Carol T. Cox
Rachel Crawford
Jennifer Crumpley
Evelyn Cunningham
Rhodian Deetlefs
Karen DeHaven
Sally Denman
Sandy Dibbell-Hope
E. G. Dolginko
Judith Duboff
Emily Endreson
Frances Englander
Kimberly Faulkner
Maria Flores
James Fongers
Michael Franklin
Linda Garlock
Judith Gerberg
Janeane Grisez
Christina Gröhbiel
Deborah Hall
Ali Haeffner
Kenda Hammer
Alison Hawtin
Daryl Hlavsa
Bobbi Huckin-Deal
Greg Hyduchak
Peggy Kolodny
Constantin Kostenko
Judith Kuppersmith
Margaret Kuras
Jeannie Lawler-Lunn
Leslie Leff
Susan Loonsk
Jessica Lucason

Under $100 Continued
Catherine Maihoefer
Man Walks Into A Bar, LLC
Elizabeth Marsh
Rebecca McClary
Einat Metzl
Marietta Miller
Allison Miskulin
James Miskulin
Nuria Mompin
Wanda Montemayor
Marianne Moskowitz
Gretta Nolan-Maloney
Renee Obstfeld
Michelle Olson
Lotte Pedersen
Saralee Perel
Lilliane Pinero
Holly Queen
Diane Quinn
Meera Rastogi
Gary Rempe
Carol P. Scheiber
Constance Wain Schwartz
Hannah Sherebrin
Gary Siegel
Judith Silber
Patricia Smallacombe
Suzanne Sorel
Nora Spielman
Mary Sroka
Mary St. Clair
Amy Sullivan
Brian Tepper
D. Michele Thomas
Union Street Health Associates, Inc.
Megan Van Meter
Lindsey Vance
Chelsey Vano
James Wagley
Judith Wald
Danton Wickline
Laurie Wilson
Betty Winkler
Lesley Winston
Steph Wray
Wyoming Art Therapy and Medical Counseling, LLC
Eunice Yu
Linda Ziert